Dec 14, 2011

Learning Environment

Make the most of your budget and man power.

Supported by our made-to-fit Learning Environment, our courses will help candidates learn quickly, efficiently and at a lower cost to your company.

Each course is concluded with a test where the results will be available to the candidates and their manager. Other information detailing how candidates have interacted with the Learning Environment can be made available. Levels of information made available to interrogate are far more in-depth than can be produced from traditional training methods. This enables better provision for future training plans and efficient audit trails which can be easily managed.

Our Learning Environment is designed to support candidates learning by offering many different ways of engaging with topics, and most importantly the tutors, so candidates do not feel isolated from the learning materials.

With convenience and flexibility being the corner stone of our online services: our Learning Environment offers your company the solution to save time, money and man power whilst fulfilling company training needs.

An example of our Manual Handling course, accessed through the link below, features more activities and opportunities when supported by our Learning Environment, including interaction with course tutors and support.