We can establish training structures or complement existing ones. We will audit to ensure we help your company meet its short term and long term goals.

We feel that it is vital that Health & Safety training enables the workforce to retain the key skill sets that make their company unique. It is also vital that training allows decisions makers to assign real business targets to their training outcomes.


BBi Risk Solutions does not deliver generic tick box training even if getting staff trained quickly and effectively is the main driver. We are different than the common off the shelf training because we understand and believe in the training message itself. We are not a tech company who rebrand digitised training material and we always want to provide a targeted solution for managers needing real improvements. 

This doesn't mean we haven't got some smart tech systems backing up our services, we do, and we offer clients videos, audio files, interactive quizzes, glossaries, downloads and more to aid learning. We can also break down the tracked learning history of staff in various ways to help you incorporate this information into other systems or you can use the Online Learning Platform as your main training auditing tool.


The BBi Online Training Portal can: 

  • Host online training materials (bespoke or otherwise) supported with various forms of media.
  • Provide accurate breakdown of your staff learning history individually or by category.
  • Help control document storage and dissemination throughout our workforce
  • Automated alerts help management / supervisors stay on top of time sensitive actions
  • + much more.


Whilst this list isn’t exhaustive its real value comes from our qualified consultants and how they apply their insights to the online training process to suit your company’s business ambition and Health & safety legal compliance needs. 


So what’s important to consider: 

There are some really bad examples of online training around. These leave managers struggling to implement positive change within the work force and company training budgets depleted without any real value delivered to the company – even for mitigation after accident should the process not be completed. So for your company’s benefit, please remember these important aspects often overlooked when securing online training and see if your provider satisfies these simple expectations:


Be wary of the tick box exercise - Does your online training actually satisfy your legal requirements and enable development needs? Are these two targets understood by training providers who follow up and audit their training to ensure targets are being met?  


Are your training providers qualified in Health & Safety, Environmental and Quality - What skills do they bring to the table, are they well informed and understand the training content or are they ignorant of facts but smart at rebranding training? 


Are your training providers qualified Tutors - Are your training providers members of professional bodies related to the services they sell, are they an accredited training centre with recognised industry training bodies and understand the online training? 


Our Online Training Platform services are always targeted towards client needs, always relevent to satisfy these needs and always backed up with expertises and real genuine insight to deliver the best possible training.  


Make sure you are satisfied. Don’t buy another companies solution for your own, one size does not fit all. Trust your provider understands your company needs, understands your company dynamics and then challenge them to establish a targeted training methodology with review dates. That’s how we work and that’s how we keep clients resource demands down whilst maximising their return on investment.



For more information on our Online Training Platform call Tony on 07508 204 656