Human Resources

Employment Issues can be a minefield for businesses - large and small. The sheer volume of paperwork and legislative changes, plus the 'compensation culture' in the UK has put a tremendous burden on all employers.

Failure to comply with the letter of the law and to follow specific employment procedures can have devastating effects. Even unwitting breaches of employment legislation can result in substantial awards. For certain breaches, there is no limit to the amount that tribunals can award.

BBi Risk Solutions work in association with SFB Consulting and their Human Resources consultants are committed to providing a first class service in a professional, but friendly manner. We work with the client to develop compliant policies and procedures and we offer a 'hands on' approach if you get involved in an employee dispute.

However, even if you do follow the right procedures, you can still end up in tribunal. We can provide a fully insured service, which will cover you for any defence costs and tribunal awards of up to £75,000, for any one claim.

Unlike many of our competitors, our service is not restricted to the provision of manuals. We work with you on a continual basis and effectively become your HR department. In summary the service includes:

  • Audit and control of your Human Resources processes
  • 'Hands on' day-to-day support
  • Creation of employment contracts and company handbook
  • Tribunal Management
  • Advice and attendance at grievances and disciplinary hearings
  • Creation of employment policies
  • 24 hour advice line
  • Insured service
  • Regular employment updates
  • Training


A monthly subscription can provide training and Human Resources advice from your own HR business partner on call at all times.

For more information on this service and other services we offer call us today on 020 8559 2111 or email