Aug 22, 2012

The case for accredited training

Knowing what gets the best for you.

The use by an individual or employer of an accredited training provider gives considerable assurance that the training provided will be at least to the standard prescribed by the accrediting body.

The recognition of accrediting bodies is intended to promote professional and consistent training standards and to help employers select good quality training. In order to remain accredited, training providers are continuously monitored and must pass the accrediting body’s standard of excellence in order to keep their accreditation.

In the case of being a training provider, being affiliated to an accredited body, delivering accredited courses, provides the additional confidence in the product and promotes professional and consistent training standards. The course materials are already vetted for content, relevance and quality – making for consistent approach to a particular subject.

There are a lot of reasons why gaining accredited qualifications can be beneficial both for candidates and providers:

it is a mark of quality that prospective candidates and employers understand and value;

it may give candidates the opportunity to gain memberships to professional bodies;

it maintains the widest range of training, development and employment opportunities for candidates;

it is a high-quality benchmarking process that is defined and delivered in partnership with accrediting bodies;

it is aimed at getting the best out of programmes, through promoting learning, ensuring quality and providing solution-focused support.

When considering training in relation to personal and career development it is useful having the assurance of knowing that that the time and money invested in staff development is of value, recognised and relevant - especially in this financial climate where additional strain is being placed on individual and company purses.

The cost of training is always a factor when deciding to enlist the services of a provider. Getting relevant, value for money, quality training is best achieved by using an accredited training provider, delivering accredited courses.

Accredited training courses offer the assurance to businesses that their staff are being equipped with training which has a nationally recognised benchmark for competency levels that can be verified by a professional body. When there are compliance obligations, standards to meet and targets to achieve it is important to get the right results from the investment in training.

This is especially true in evidencing commitment to quality and continual improvement as accredited training provides businesses and individuals with up-to-date qualifications recognised in their industry. Competitors, auditors and certifying bodies often look for staff training and development that they recognise.

Staff members value quality, relevant training; accredited training is industry recognised and therefore contributes to personal development and provides employees with a true sense of achievement.

Accredited training is by no means the only method businesses can of ensure staff receive training, skills and information – but there is no better way of getting value for money, assurance of quality, consistency and recognised qualifications than through an accredited training course.